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                                    12月19日讲座——美国普渡大学潘亮副教授:Optical based Direct-Write in Micro/nano-fabrication Processes and Applications

                                    作者:  编辑:院研究生办   发布日期: 2019-12-09   来源:院国交办  

                                    讲座题目:Optical based Direct-Write in Micro/nano-fabrication Processes and Applications






                                    Nano and micro-scale 2D and 3D structures and materials can be engineered to enable new capabilities for various engineering applications. At microscalewe can use conventional optical method such as projection micro-stereolithography (uSL) as cost-effective and high-throughput methods to fabricate 3D microstructures. We will report our efforts of using the uSL to create a new kind of functional microstructured for thermal and energy applications. At nanoscalelight matter interaction allow optical focusing using metallc nanostructures. This nanoscale focusing technique enables plasmonic nanolithography and is also used in data storagemetrologyimagingand alternative energy. Nanoscale light matter interactions are featured by their spatial field distributionstrong photon-electron-phonon coupling and non-equilibrium responses. Understanding their responses and discovering new physics are of great importance to the functionality and stability of these plasmonic structuresand to create new applications. Here we will give an overview of our recent progress in study of plasmonic nanofocusing process.


                                    潘亮,美国普渡大学机械工程学院副教授,先后获得中国科学技术大学近代力学系学士(2001)和硕士(2004)学位,美国加州大学伯克利分校硕士(2009)和博士(2010)学位。20102012年间在美国国家自然科学基金会的SINAM纳米中心任博士后研究员。2012年至今就职于美国普渡大学机械工程学院和Birck纳米中心。所领导的科研团队主要从事开发新型的纳米和微米尺度的光学加工技术。在Nature NanotecnologyNature PhotonicsNanotechnologyInternational Journal of Heat and Mass TransferApplied Physics LettersOptics LettersOptics Express等国际知名SCI期刊上发表论文50余篇。主持美国NSF CAREER AWARD在内的NSF项目3项,主持普渡大学CTRCInter公司等科研项目多项。